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MEd (Primary Education) – Masters Degree

The Department also offers a Masters programme in Primary Education.


The aims of the Master of Education in Primary Education degree programme are to produce post-graduates with a broad-based knowledge of theory, practice and research in the fields of Primary Education.  The degree programme offers candidates to be able to:

  • Integrate emerging issues in primary education in the primary school curriculum
  • Apply pedagogical skills and techniques for the purpose of improved instruction
  • Explain content in subject areas its application to the Zambian primary schools
  • Describe various curriculum models
  • Apply principles of curriculum models to the process of planning and developing the primary school curriculum
  • Conduct research in primary education sector

Target Group

The target group will be graduates of Bachelor of Education (Primary) and or its equivalent.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for entry into the Masters' programme, applicants should possess the Bachelor of Education degree with a Credit or better.

Duration of the Programme

The duration of the Master of Education (Primary) degree programme is two (2) years.

Structure of the Programme

The Masters' programme will be in two parts.  The first part will comprise taught courses.  Here, the students will engage in the learning process, acquainting themselves with the literature, knowledge and skills in the fields of primary education.  The course work will be completed in the first academic year consisting of two semesters.  After successfully completing the course work, students will embark on part two of the programme which will entail carrying out research on an approved research proposal and writing a dissertation.  Part two will be done in the second academic year.

The following will be major components of the Masters' programme:

  • One research course per semester will be compulsory (already approved school courses).
  • Two courses per semester are compulsory from the Department of Primary Education.
  • One course per semester in a subject area
  • The second year of study will be mainly devoted to research, writing of the dissertation and its submission.



To be awarded a Master of Education in Primary Education, candidates should pass both course work and dissertation.