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Teaching Council of Zambia Student Teachers' Registration

The Teaching Council of Zambia(TCZ) is a statutory body established and mandated by the Teaching Profession Act No. 5 of 2013 to provide for the regulation of teachers, their practice and professional conduct. As part of this mandate, TCZ requires the following persons to be formally registered with the council: (i) student teachers in colleges of education and universities; (ii) early childhood, primary and secondary school teachers; (iii) technical education instructors; (iv) college of education lecturers; (v) principles in colleges of education; and (vi) administrators in institutions of education at all levels (school, district and province). The registration fees for the different professional categories are as follows:

Category of educators Fees for Zambians (ZMW) Fees for non-Zambians
1 Early Childhood 471.00 1101.00
2 Primary 520.50 1101.00
3 Secondary 571.20 1300.50
4 Special Education/Guidance 521.10 1300.50
5 College Lecturer 631.20 1500.00
6 Administrator 661.20 1500.00
7 Student Registration 100.50 100.50

The registration form is available for download and, is also available on the TCZ Website.

NOTE: The Ministry of General Education issued an advertisement for teacher recruitment with one of the requirements being registration of applicants with the Teaching Council of Zambia pursuant to section 26 sub (1) (a) of the Teaching Profession Act No. 5 of 2013.