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Sociology with Geograpgy




First Year Courses:

    EPS 1040
    Introduction to Sociology

    AED 1310
    Study and Communication Skills

    EDU 1010
    Education and Development in Zambia

    GES 1310
    Introduction to Geography


Second Year Courses:

    EPS 2011
    Disabilities, School and Societal Attitudes

    EPS 2012
    Education and Society

    EPS 2015
    Introduction to Social-Psychology

    EDU 2011
    Sociology of Education

    EDU 2012
    Educational Psychology

    GES 2130
    The Geography of Africa (With Reference to Zambia)

    GES 2411
    Mapping and Field Techniques in Geography

    GES 2422
    Statistical Methods in Geography

Third Year Courses:

    EPS 3010
    Social Organisation and Management

    EPS 3011
    The Dynamics of Social and Educational Change

    EPS 3014
    Research Methods in Sociology of Education

    EPS 3015
    Education and Social Inequalities

    EDU 3003
    School Teaching Experience

    EDU 3009
    School and Community Experience

    GES 3271
    Environment and Development

    LSE 3060
    Methodology in Geography Education

    LSE 3069
    Fundamental Topics in Secondary School Geography


Fourth Year Courses:

    EPS 4010
    Contemporary Social Issues in Zambia

    EPS 4014
    Research Projects in Sociology of Education

    EPS 4020
    Guidance and Counselling

    EPS 4330
    Guidance and Counselling

    EPS 9011
    Professionalism in Teaching

    EAP 9012
    Educational Administration and Management

    EDU 9000
    Elective (from EAP, LSE or AED)