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Dr. G. Muleya



Dr. G. Muleya





Latest Publications for Dr Gistered Muleya from the Department of Language and Social Sciences Education in the School of Education
Book Chapters and Articles

1. Muleya. G, (2017)” Reflections on elections and democracy in Zambia” In Discourses on Democracy, Ethics, Accountability and Electoral Systems in Africa: Emerging Trends and Challenges . nova publishers (new York).


2. Muleya  et al (2016). ‘Zambia Post Conference Report on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management’, In Rasmusson, B; Andersson, L; Flinck, A.W; Leo, U and Wickenberg, P.(eds.) (2016). ‘Realising Child Rights in education: Experiences and Reflections from the International Training Programme on Child Rights, Classroom and School Management’ ISBN: 978-91-982261-6-4, pp 175-185.


3. Muleya, G. (2016). ‘Managing and leading through Ubuntu’ In Letseka, M (ed.) (2016), ‘ Education In a Competitive and Globalizing World: Open Distance Learning (ODL) Through the Philosophy of Ubuntu’ ISBN: 978-1-63485-403-0, pp 185-198


4. Muleya, G., Kafulo, C and Kaoma- Zimba,  Y. M (2015). “Child Rights Activities in Schools with Special Focus to Participation” in Change Projects from the International Training Programme: Child Rights, Classroom and School Management ISBN: 978-91-982261-2-6, pp 212-224


5.Muleya, G.(2015).  ‘Civic Education in Zambia and Beyond the Golden Jubilee’ (Accepted for Publication in Formal Education in Zambia at 50 Years: History, Current Status and Future Prospects -In Press).



2015: Reviewed a paper entitled, 'The African Union Education Vision for Africa' for the Africa Education Review Journal coordinated and supported by the University of South Africa.



2015: Reviewed a paper entitled, ' Ethical Behaviours of Student Teachers' mentors in forced same- Gender and cross-Gender matches in a Malawian Initial Primary Teacher Education Programme:Implications for Mentor selection and development' for the Africa Education Review Journal coordinated and supported by the University of South Africa.


2014: Muleya, G.; Kufulo, C and Kaoma, Y.M "Child Rights Activities in schools with special focus to participation" A Case study of Selected Schools in Lusaka, Zambia. Findings were disseminated at International Seminar on Child Rights. Classroom and schools management held
in Calicut, India.


2013: Muleya, G. Banda, D. Mweemba, L & Simuyaba E,H. "Teaching Pupils Versus Teaching subject: A Case of Student Teachers of the University of Zambia on School Experience"


2013: Muleya, G. Banda. Mweemba, L. Simuyaba, E,H. and Machila, N "Education for sustainable  development pedagogical potentials and challenges" Findings disseminated through paper presented at the SACHES conference held in Namibia.



2013: Muleya, G. Banda D. Mweemba, L & Simuyaba, E,H. "Theory against practice: Training of Teacher in a Vacuum" Findings disseminated through paper presented at the SACHES conferences held at the University OF Kwa Zulu Natal in Durban, South Africa.



2012: Matafwali, B. Muleya, G. Mweemba, L & Munsaka, E. "Mapping and Evaluation of Early childhood care Development and Education in Zambia" findings were disseminated at UNICEF and Ministry of Education.



2012: Chakulimba, O. Mweemba, L. Banda, D. Muleya, G & Simuyaba, E,H. "What matters in school teaching experience? The perception of school managers on the effectiveness of students from University of Zambia" findings were disseminated at the seminar school managers from Lusaka Province organized by the School of Education- UNZA.




Simuyaba, E.H ., Banda., Mweemba, L and Muleya, G(2015). ' Theory against Practice: Training of teachers in a vacuum' In the journal of education and social policy, vol 2. No.5 December, 2015.


Ndhlovu, D., Muleya, G and Namangala, B (2015). ' Open and Distance Learning; The opportunity of socio- Economic Tranformation for Zambians'In International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and development vol. 2 ,issue No. 9 ,680-687, Sept 2015.


Muleya, G and Kalimaposo, K. (2014). 'Mainstreaming Environmental Education in the School and Teacher Education Curriculum in Zambia' In Standard Global Journal Of Educational Research vol.1 (4) 076-088, April 2014, ISSN 2313-3856


Kandondo, C.S., Muleya, G., Matafwali, B., Kalimaposo, k., Mulenga,I.M and Chakufyali, P.N (2012). 'Curriculum  Development On Governance Issues for Basic School in Zambia' in Zambia Journal of education, vol 3, no. 2. ISSN: 1996-3645


Muleya, G. (2014). 'Education/Teachers' Perspectives on the Implementation of Human Right in Schools. A Case of Choma District of Zambia', Proceedings of the 2012 SACHES Southern African Comparative and History of Education Society conference. CC Wolhuter (ed.) ISBN No: 978-1-86822-648-1, PPL68-184.


.Muleya, G.; (2016).  Teaching Civic Education through the Lens of Service Learning, AFTRA Proceedings, (ISBN: 978-0-621-40876-8), pp. 334-341


2.Mweemba,L., Muleya, G., Banda, D & Simuyaba, E. H  (2016). Learning and Sustainable Development in Zambia: Exploring Pathways for the Future, AFTRA Proceedings,(ISBN: 978-0-621-40876-8), pp. 458-466


Research Completed

1.  2016: Muleya, G; Munthali, M and Andersson, L. ‘The Role of Higher Education in CRC Enhancement: Where do we miss the link?’ Dissemination done at the Convention of the Rights of the Child National Symposium Programme under the theme: Promoting Children’s Rights for Quality Inclusive Education held in Bennies Park –Ongwediva in Namibia.